​Emily's first experiences with the violin happened while listening to her Grandpa play his fiddle. Inspired, Emily decided she also wanted to play and received her first violin lesson from her Grandpa at the age of five. From the moment he rested his seemingly large violin on her small shoulders, she was captivated by the sound of the violin. This marked the beginning of her life long love of the violin.

Emily has a B.A. in Violin Performance: Jazz Studies from Columbia College Chicago. While in college, she studied privately with James Sanders, a virtuoso in both classical and jazz violin.  Through this intense private study, Emily greatly improved technique and developed her sound.

Emily Ruth performs backup vocals and fiddle with the folk group "Jonas Friddle and the Majority". Emily also tours across the US with the Irish Punk Band “The Tossers”. Her debut album with The Tossers "Smash the Window" will release under Victory Records, March 1, 2017.


Emily Constantinou has been teaching the violin for ten years. She has extensive experience teaching violin in schools  and in music studios. Emily has pioneered an original program "Mini Maestros" which provides Suzuki style lessons and fiddle tunes. She is currently on staff for the Suzuki based program Music for Youth in Arlington Heights teaching both private and group lessons. Emily is also the conductor for beginning orchestra in the Music for Youth program.

Please CONTACT Emily Ruth if you would like more information about lessons or are interested in adding Mini Maestros to your school's after school programming. 

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